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• Inclusive list of vacancies in Radiography, Ultrasound and Mammography • Strong connections and tie ups in various Health Institutions of UK • Higher pay scale • Guidance at every step from the beginning of to the end of your journey

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Our motto at Manpaar Medical Recruit is to open doors for all hardworking health-care professionals in field of Diagnostics for whom development in health care industry hasn’t had the same impact as their associates.

Our aim is to make the professionals - who haven’t been able to get the same recognition here despite of all their expertise to achieve their goals and be respected for the knowledge & efforts they put in, being able to live the lifestyle they deserve with better work environment and job opportunities in United Kingdom.

We are authorized recruiting consultants in India who promote excellent services to our clients across abroad. We have succeeded in establishing esteem for our company by providing only dedicated and excellent professionals to public and private sector vacancies within the United Kingdom for which we have our own selection procedure to shortlist the candidates who apply. So if you are talented enough and have the expertise, you don’t need to look any further as you’re at the right place and we’ll do the rest for you - giving you just the push required to accomplish your dreams alongside helping and guiding you step by step with the legal formalities and formal procedures.


We deliver the best work force solutions health-care professionals, providing PERMANENT Radiographer & Sonographer jobs in specialised areas such as MRI, CT and General to name a few. Our expert radiography recruitment consultants offer staffing solutions to deserving candidates in vast range of diagnostic placements throughout The UK in both National and Private Health Sector.

The Specialist Radiography staff at Manpaar Medical Recruit Consultancy includes:

  • MRI Radiographers
  • CT Radiographers
  • Sonographers
  • Cath Lab Radiographers (Interventional)
  • Mammographers
  • General Radiographers
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